Photo Print Size

JPEG image format with the lowest resolution

When you choose to print digital photos, you will see a “suggested” or “not recommended” message. This means that the resolution of the photo you uploaded is too low to be printed to the print size you specified. We recommend that you refer to the suggested form before you choose the size of the print to determine the print size that best suits your photo resolution.

If the resolution of your photo is too low, and you can’t print at all, if you still decide to print, the quality of the printed will appear uneven color, even the edges are not neat.

When you upload a photo to PhotoFast, you can click on the photo you want to print. We will display the resolution of the photo on the page. With this value, you can decide when printing. , what size to choose.

We will go to the webpage of the digital printing service, and provide a suggestion form for the size and print size of the photo file. Welcome to refer to it.

The quality of the photo depends on the size of the original photo file. Our suggestions are as follows:

Photo size Recommended resolution

License 320 x 215 or more
2 x 3 640 x 480 or more
3 x 5 800 x 600 or more
4 x 6 1280 x 960 or more
5 x 7 1500 x 1200 or more
6 x 8 1600 x 1800 or more

If you want to get high quality photos, you must also pay attention to the light when shooting, focus and exposure accuracy, etc…

What does image resolution mean?

The resolution is based on the pixel value of the image. The way to get a pixel is to use a wide total pixel value of an image. For example, if an image is 1600 wide by 1200 pixels, his resolution is 1,920,000 pixels.

What is the relationship between image resolution and file size?

In general, the invariable law is that the higher the resolution of the image, the larger the file size. If you use the compressed file format, the file size will be smaller, but it will also affect the quality of the picture. Many digital cameras or video software provide control file compression, but please be careful before using it.

If I have a digital camera, can I set any resolution settings I want to shoot?

Many brands of digital cameras, especially those with more than 2 megapixels, allow you to set the resolution you want to capture. PhotoFast recommends that you first select the highest resolution for shooting, and if you want to make corrections in the future, there is room for change. Similarly, many brands of digital cameras also provide the ability to compress JPEG images. The options for compression are generally general, better, or higher. If your camera is more than 2 million pixels, PhotoFast recommends that you use a normal level of compression; however, if your camera is below 2 million pixels, it is best to use a better compression option.