Old photos from the 19th century. Why do the characters in the photos look like having poker face?

If you look closely at the photos of people in the 19th century, you will find a “fun” phenomenon: the expressions of the characters in many photos are like the portrait expressions of having poker face  J, Q, and K. The expressions are almost the same, without smiles. Facial stiffness. The pictures below are one by one serious and feel like they are being coerced into taking pictures.

Why is this happening?

Although there are various reasons for this phenomenon, the following factors are the most likely:

At that time, the photographing technology was limited, the photographing cost was very high, and the wealthy people were able to take photographs. Therefore, when taking photos, photographers do not waste film as much as possible and save the film as much as possible, but they need to put as many pose as possible, but the problem comes: the more you want to pose, the more it is counterproductive and makes people feel bad. The expression is unnatural.

Because there are not many opportunities to take pictures. At the moment, the subject has almost no natural and relaxed experience in taking pictures. The more I want to take pictures, the more pretentious.

The most important thing is that the teeth of the people at that time were generally not good-looking. Therefore, try not to expose your teeth when taking pictures.


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